Tuesday, January 12, 2010


1st day of school,we were ordered to write down PMR results in a piece of paper,end up i was put in 4Science3,i'm glad in that class better than 4Science2(which is the 1st class,stress dou).
End up i was same class with JiaJoon and KahKit who from Maju Gang =D,of course still got JanYee my buddy.Mostly my gang study in 4Science4,i wanted to go there but i need Bio XDXD
Nothing much talk about Form4,and get to know some of new friends in my class.Oh yeah,and i became librarian on that year!More than 10 ppls went for interview(Form 4) to become librarian and i was chosen.KarHoe,PikChee and JunHui also..4 of us =) my academic was deteriorating =( FUCK! I'm SOSOSOSOSO addicted to dota that time..

Everyone was nervous cause SPM year and no more honeymoon!Tuition everyday but not me =D
I became traineeeee for librarian for one year and this year officially is a librarian,proudnya =D i never forget the moments of librarian life!!Till i met her,she is cute,nice,friendly and she is perfect girl to me!!HAHA!But too bad she is not my another life =(
But still i've great chit chat with her for few times i think..
The last day of SPM,i seriously miss the school although some of the teachers are freaking abnormal and nonsense,i missed the life in secondary school(now also) =(
I was chosen for National Service!Man my nightmare began after i know i chosen for it!!Sei JiaJoon delayed it and till now no more response already!Anyway i quite enjoy too in NS life =D

I cried in front of my parents!First ever i did that!I leaving from KL for 3 months which i never happens to me before!I saw my parents cried too,seriously i never thought they cry...My lovely friends came along too and they cried =D especially ChooiYueng and PackHoon..hehe
I couldn't imagine how can i survive for NS!! 3 months is not a easy thing! I reached there for the 1st day,i called my mum and chit chat! And i cried ~ zzz,my crying point is damn low!Anyway i get used to the life with the friend in Ns and thx to ShinYing who is my classmate during Form2 and Form3..HAHA!Same camp!I love marching!NS makes me fall in love to marching =D
After 3 months,i wish the duration for training is more than 3 months cause it's damn fun!HAHA! My birthday on 12th of Mac,and SPM results was released on that day too! Gosh,what a nice bday present for me..I did badly which i not satisfied at all! GG-ed
With my freaking results,i planned to taking A-Level Science Stream in TARC(i did not know what course should i take)
Met KNS SiewLee,WeiChie,SeowYen(the lala) and so so on who is dota kaki..xD

With the moodless and lazyness of studying,good results never come to me! A-Level was my nightmare, blame myself..zzz
nothing much for this year! Hanging around with friends,exam,eat,sleep,play,movie..BLA BLA!!

Waiting for results and wish to continue my study!!And gurantee will study like a mad!! zzz!!

>>>>>Wish that year 2010 is my best memories for me <<<<<<

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