Tuesday, January 12, 2010


1st day of school,we were ordered to write down PMR results in a piece of paper,end up i was put in 4Science3,i'm glad in that class better than 4Science2(which is the 1st class,stress dou).
End up i was same class with JiaJoon and KahKit who from Maju Gang =D,of course still got JanYee my buddy.Mostly my gang study in 4Science4,i wanted to go there but i need Bio XDXD
Nothing much talk about Form4,and get to know some of new friends in my class.Oh yeah,and i became librarian on that year!More than 10 ppls went for interview(Form 4) to become librarian and i was chosen.KarHoe,PikChee and JunHui also..4 of us =) my academic was deteriorating =( FUCK! I'm SOSOSOSOSO addicted to dota that time..

Everyone was nervous cause SPM year and no more honeymoon!Tuition everyday but not me =D
I became traineeeee for librarian for one year and this year officially is a librarian,proudnya =D i never forget the moments of librarian life!!Till i met her,she is cute,nice,friendly and she is perfect girl to me!!HAHA!But too bad she is not my another life =(
But still i've great chit chat with her for few times i think..
The last day of SPM,i seriously miss the school although some of the teachers are freaking abnormal and nonsense,i missed the life in secondary school(now also) =(
I was chosen for National Service!Man my nightmare began after i know i chosen for it!!Sei JiaJoon delayed it and till now no more response already!Anyway i quite enjoy too in NS life =D

I cried in front of my parents!First ever i did that!I leaving from KL for 3 months which i never happens to me before!I saw my parents cried too,seriously i never thought they cry...My lovely friends came along too and they cried =D especially ChooiYueng and PackHoon..hehe
I couldn't imagine how can i survive for NS!! 3 months is not a easy thing! I reached there for the 1st day,i called my mum and chit chat! And i cried ~ zzz,my crying point is damn low!Anyway i get used to the life with the friend in Ns and thx to ShinYing who is my classmate during Form2 and Form3..HAHA!Same camp!I love marching!NS makes me fall in love to marching =D
After 3 months,i wish the duration for training is more than 3 months cause it's damn fun!HAHA! My birthday on 12th of Mac,and SPM results was released on that day too! Gosh,what a nice bday present for me..I did badly which i not satisfied at all! GG-ed
With my freaking results,i planned to taking A-Level Science Stream in TARC(i did not know what course should i take)
Met KNS SiewLee,WeiChie,SeowYen(the lala) and so so on who is dota kaki..xD

With the moodless and lazyness of studying,good results never come to me! A-Level was my nightmare, blame myself..zzz
nothing much for this year! Hanging around with friends,exam,eat,sleep,play,movie..BLA BLA!!

Waiting for results and wish to continue my study!!And gurantee will study like a mad!! zzz!!

>>>>>Wish that year 2010 is my best memories for me <<<<<<

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The 1st post for year 2010! =)

Hmmmm,my last post was during Oct 2009,I neglected my bloggie for 3 months..Sorry for that =)
First at all,happy new year to all ppl!!Welcome year of 2010.
Let me recap my own 7 years from 2003 - 2010. This is gonna be lots of words,maybe got some pic =)
Let's began the sienness~

Hmmm, let me start the story of the first day of stepping to SMK Saujana school,its orientation acutually,i remembered the feeling for that day,kinda nervous for the new environment of schooling,OK! Mum drive me to school as her responsibility for that!Hehe! I chk the bulletin boards and i was placed in 1Maju class,sounded comfortable to me,and i saw few primary schoolmates same class as me..Kinda excited la..It's KenBoon and Zulkarnaen. I sitting with Zul since he is my classmate during my primary school, KenBoon its not, he is from other class..HAHA! i missed form 1 life not with friend but its teacher..HAHA! PackHoon used to be always cut Roshaslinda's tudung!! ahaha!! that fucking Sejarah teacher is damn insane! I mostly joined malay's gang and I don't really join chinese gang..That time i still kiddo and dunno everything..What I did most of the time was study and hanging around with my malay friend at cyber cafe(naughty hoh)
oh yea! KahKit and JiaJoon were joined my class,they from SMK Bukit Jalil..i remembered that JiaJoon scolded bad words during the 1st day!!haha!!

still remain in 2Maju, Maju is one of the best class among 4 clsses,Setia,Usaha,Amanah and of cos Maju..So who those did badly in final examination,will so called degraded to other clss =D
Ok,Maju gang officially formed!!Mostly stick with chinese classmate,and always hang out,basketball,yc bla bla...Oh yeah! During form1, I'm a big fat asshole!80kgs if i not mistaken, Maju guys majority are playing basketball,so what can i do is follow the majority and learn basketball,if not i sure get boycott(just kidding ^^) ,I'm addicted to basketball this sport and almost play everyday..even schooling period!We ponteng!! We had this habit due to basketball!!HAHHA,mid of year 2004,i think i loss weight already,i remember my lowest weight was 55kg only and also dark like charcoal during that time!End of the year we planned to Genting trip,unfortunately all of our parents were not allowed including me..Too young for us!

First day of school,still remain in 3Maju of course,i called out to stay a while after the assembly due to the i'm chosen as the "Pelajar Cemerlang" and marked me as scorer for PMR..unfortunately,not that satisfied to me the results..HAHA!Some funny stuff,that should was the 1st year for PMR sitters to sit for Eng version for Science and Maths,so freaking government set some lame test paper to us!I don't really remember what kind the question given because its too lame..I remembered one of the ques was ''among this picture,which one is living thing'' i was like =.=''
And PackHoon said that got one question was "why triangle has 3 sides?" and ChooiYueng drew shit or house or wtv for all answer..We purposely answered wrongly to lower the percentage of getting A for the real exam..HAHA!
Ok,now talk about end of this year,we were sitting for PMR examination and of course we were nervous!Can't belief that i fall in love to Sejarah subject that time,i read most of the 7 subs,Sej is my fav sub..wth,and during the paper of Sej,i remembered i shade the answer with full of confident and smiling =)
ok la that's all for that year

stay tuned ppl!! i have to stop here ...continue for next post!! year 2006 - 2010 =)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kelvin Tan - Yong Yuan De Peng You 陈伟联 - 永远的朋友


Ru guo ni hen mang
我到街上 去晃一晃
Wo dao jie shang qu huan yi huan
Sheng wei yi ge peng you
You xie shi qing bu gai mian qiang
Kan ni hei zhe yan quan
Jing wan huan chen wo shui bu zhao
到底是谁 害你这么伤
Dao di shi shui hai ni zhe me shang

* 因为太爱你
Ying wei tai ai ni
Ping ming da dao ni de xu yao
Shui ran zhi shi peng you
Zhong bi se me dou bu shi hao
Jie ni jian ban yi kao
Jie ni guan xing ye jie ni wei xiao
我很想给 你却不要
Wo hen xiang gai ni que bu yao

# 爱着你却伤心的 只能守候不能拥有
Ai zhe ni que shang xing de zhi neng shou ho bu neng yong you
Zheng zhi de zhuo yi ge yong yuan de peng you
Kan zhe ni jiu jiu de jian xun nei rong
Wo kan jian ai qing xiang wo da sheng zhao nong

爱着你却大方的 陪你恋爱替你加油
Ai zhe ni que da fang de Pei ni lian ai ti ni jia you
Xu ruo de zhuo yi ge yong yuan de peng you
Ji chi lei de xiang tuan jue liang ruo
却听见你说 情人比不上朋友
Que ting jian ni shuo qing ren bi bu shang peng you

* #

我总是有 让你笑出声的方法
Wo zhong shi you rang ni xiao chu sheng de fang fai
我却没有 让自己离开的力量
Wo que mei you rang zhi ji li kai de li liang
也许友情 才能地久天长
Ye xu you qing cai neng di jiu tian chang


Wo zhi shi peng you

Friday, October 2, 2009

Twisted Princess!

something interesting i wanted to share....i found some pic from Jeffery's blog..those pics are from disney cartoon,princess..Jeffery redraw those princess into bad character like that..omg its awesome!!

Nice dou~~ =)

Monday, September 28, 2009


here i am! wanted to share what had i done in few months ago...

as i mentioned b4, i won prizes from MyFM , MyFM birthday bash concert at genting , 4 VIP tickets entry , and sponsor by SHOKOBUTSU.. MyFM delivered those SHOKOBUTSU's hamper to me..i was like??swt~

next is Eason's concert...wuhooo,b4 this i dislike eason..but his song make me change my mind!! haha..so i decided to have a try to call in to MyFM to win 2 entry tickets...wif KahKit .. end up i success..hehe..

near distance!

next is MyFM K gor zhi wong !! if u guys got listen to MyFM at 6pm..u should und what am i trying say... i success call in and won the game easily...i won rm250 singing voucher from neway!!
by the way,the singing voucher suck...damn alot condition..and not worth if use the voucher without plan!! aiya lazy explain!

thats all about MyFM.~

hari raya holidays just over!! and i almost everyday hang out wif fren..sigh...
wif MeiKeit and Sue and Island Red Cafe,S.Petaling
PikChee,at WeiSan's hse,waiting for mahjong!!=D

exam is around the corner...dont ask me go anyway til 20th of NOVEMBER!!

oh yea,i gonna have my own room dy!! no need pack wif my bro and sister in one room..bought new house =)
currently under renovation ~~ approximately 2 months from now which GAO DIM!
living room~
papa and mama
unwanted old materials!

something i just wanna say here
A close friend who never contact been awhile, doesn't mean that he/she forgets you . Memories are the main points , no matter what , always will be best friend . No need to show or what, in heart got each other already enough

SiewLee said de !!! haha =) but i agree!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

revive!!! roar!!

hey peeps!! i know kinda wtf that i left my blog for 2 months plus like that, and ppl told me that damn irritating when see my latest post which was EASON CHAN THE PRO SINGER!! xD
ppl straight away close my link...wahaha!
ok la,active again loh =)

in this 2 months, i was crazy to those artist and concert...went for MyFM birthday bash concert and Eason Chan moving on stage 26 concert with KahKit, i know kinda late or so old for 19 years old to chase celebrity, PackHoon said that,this job should be for student in high school..aiya nvm,i never did that b4 during my high school life..

and MyFM is my sponsor..i get everything from that ..wuhoo, and Sing K voucher...PackHoon said that i damn 9 lucky since so hard get to call in to MyFM..will upload some pic after this,but not now..

finally i fixed my idiot pc..lame situation...thx to KarHoe by the way..he helped me alot

came back from YC with SuYiean and MeiKeit..gonna upload pic when i receive those pic from MeiKeit..

thats all..final exam in 1 month...good luck!!

*sign off*

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eason Chan!! Pro singer~

omg,currently falling in love to Eason's song,his latest album!!
from his H3M album, i love his 3 songs,especially this one!!

Sa Lung
Clk Here for pinyin lyrics =)

and this one...the 1st song i fall in love =)

Yu Sam Yau Kwai
Clk Here for pinyin lyrics =)

and lastly this one, i think not bad =)

Chat Baak Nin Hau
Clk Here for pinyin lyrics =)

memorizing these songs,but it tougher compare to mandarin T_T ,somemore 'LAM ZHIK' as 'TIN CHI' his lyrics always complicated one ..lolz

Friday, June 26, 2009

Birthday =) June~

few hours ago...was Black Ghost aka KenBoon's birthday... happy 19!! whopps i mean 20 =D and happy belated birthday to Ku Shin Ying, went to her house last friday and gave her a suprise visit!!!and happy belated to Melvin Wong, sorry now oni wish u =X good luck always yaa bro~!
sorry for being not attend to the dinner cos papa wanna bring me go eat buffet..haha,my dad said wanna go for buffet last week...since my sister called to Jogoya and ask for the price and see got promotion o not..ok..Rm79 ++ ..so i decided go to Shogun...HAHA! not bad,having promotion now...rm51 like that nia...haha! and 4 of us...(bro working) ate until wanna vomit...cant even breath..damn sohai...=D
i think damn long i never been to buffet already...latest one also went to shogun,wif SuYiean they all, i think 2 years ago..HAHA!yummy~~ sista treat..thx thx =)
''dan dan'' i know i eat until very untidy
Most favourite flovours~Yam,Mint,ChocoVanila,Chocolate and GreenTea(thumb up)

p.s: wanted to upload my farking full look..bt too ugly so dont want =D

oh yea! mentioned wanna post about Genting pics...hahaha, ok la,summarize it..we went to THEME PARK!! wuhoo, damn long din go to theme park also..haha! miss the space shot...but i still nervous playing of it...=.=''
we went for theme park, more than 7 hours ..lolz, from 2 - 10pm..until theme park close...wtf, and the weather is nice~!! 10pm ++ went to old town ..the price not that much diff la..extra rm2 nia..midnight,went for movie...watched BLOOD , THE LAST VAMPIRE,at 1st i thought quite nice...when climax , so kelam kabut when they fighting...see ass meh overall .. 4/10 nia i rate..haha
suck 1st world hotel la..So called deluxe room, small like my house's toilet...we packed like hell in one room...cant even turn..can u imagine,8-10 ppl packed in a small room..haha but still fun!! got alot stupid stuff happened =D

half Yoon Hung(sryXD)JianShen and me~ playing Sungai Rejang..DIRTY WATER but fun!
JianShen and me once again!
happy spinning =)
waiting for pirate ship...ugly me@@
haha..JianShen omg =D
PussyTan acting cool..hahaa,the guys(got one more big gang pic at HT's phone)
the girls~
Space shoting..i shouted like wtf =D
lastly group pic!! enjoyable day =)

something shocked me...HAHA!! Oom,who is thai's chin's fan club and also my new friend at thai,offered me to talk to Chin,she can call to my handphone and she pass her phone to chin.. i was like,LOL!? how could i talk to celebrity,sure dunno what to say ..so i refused!! hahaha, and since she going to meet Chin, i tried to ask her to ask Chin know who am i o not? guess what,today she told me that..Chin remembered me..HAHA! he said, ohh,"i remember him bcause during the promo tour in Green Box that time,he greet me and said awesome to me and i did thank to him...and in my facebook,he is the 1st person who tag video to me" LOL!! omg wtf??actually not i tagged him my video(the chin zhong xin yi and zhe yao dancing part) its other ppl used my video to tag Chin..haha! and he gonna say thx to me in my fb when he free..HAHA!

thats all~!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Originate of 逆风


chong keat is enjoying every single day!!! =D *SMILE*
oh yea,yesterday was CHEE PIK YU AKA YEE PIK CHEE's birthday...happy belated birthday!! may ur wish come true always..faster pak tor la

i want the rm750 NEWAY SINGING VOUCHER!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

By 2 and Chin

this song really nice !! and i got chance to success call in for the event to meet them?XD wish me good luck!!

this also!!



gonna update about genting trip wif my clssmate...wait for pic =D